Welcome to the Conjectures 'R Us Project

The Conjectures 'R Us project is currently working to prove the Riesel and Sierpinski conjectures for all bases ≤1030 that are not being handled by other projects. Testing is coordinated through our forum at mersenneforum.org, where k's and bases can be reserved and tested. Coordinated group efforts are also available to prove some of the more difficult conjectures.

Information on the various conjectures and the status of testing reservations can be found on the following pages:

Riesel conjectures
Riesel conjectures powers of 2
Sierpinski conjectures
Sierpinski conjectures powers of 2

Riesel conjecture reservations
Sierpinski conjecture reservations

Summarized statistics for all bases ≤1030:
Condensed table of all conjectures
Overall progress
Top 20 Lists
Unproven conjectures
Proven conjectures

For more information on this project, visit our forum, or contact the project admin, Gary Barnes, at:
gbarnes017 at gmail dot com